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Things To Do When You Are Ship-Wrecked On A Deserted Island

We've all had this happen to us: We take what was supposed to have been a quick trip to the mall to get a package of mangoes and then find ourselves ship-wrecked on a deserted yet beautiful tropical island.
After the initial shock wears off, we find ourselves looking for fun ways to pass the time.
Here are some ideas of things to do while you wait for a passing ship to rescue you.
Build your own hammock from local materials
Tropical islands are known for producing trees and shrubbery with strong fibers that can be woven into ropes.
tropical island hammock
What a better way to pass the time.
Enrich your mind while catching some rays.
tropical island reading books
Drip your very own sand castle
One of the most popular pastimes.
Here is an example of an organically-shaped sand castle.
Sit on the beach near waterline.
Take a handful of beach mud. 
Let mud gently drip out of your palm onto solid ground. 
Let mud pile up to create a tower. 
tropical island sand tower
The more ambitious types can build a whole sand castle city.
Just add more water and sand to the batch.
No zoning permits needed here.
tropical island sand castles
Jump around with your tongue out
Show off your acrobatic skills.
Place palms on knees and push out in all directions to get airborne.
Tongue out not mandatory, but highly recommended for the full effect. 
tropical island jump 
Just chill out on the beach
Chilling out is a little known activity among deserted island visitors. 
It is still worth a try, though.
It may catch on.
 tropical island sea turtle
Take a nice solid nap
A slight variation on the chill out theme.
Put down a towel on a warm sandy beach.
Go for heavy frolicking in the ocean.
Drink water.
Lay flat on your stomach on said towel.
Close eyes.
tropical island baby sleeping on the beach
Draw shapes in the sand
This activity requires extremely specialized skills.
You will need a stick or a broken-off branch.
In the unlikely event that you can't find either, you may also use your index  finger.
Heart-shaped sand drawings are quite a common sight.
tropical island heart shaped in the sand 
As a variation on the sand-drawing theme, you can explore sand-writing.
Writing actual words takes some thought and may exhaust your brain, so be careful here.
Try to make every effort not to think too much on a deserted island.
Sand-writing the word "yes" is a great idea when another ship-wrecked islander asks for your hand in marriage
(a common occurrence on a deserted island).
tropical island yes sand drawing 
Ask someone to marry you
Now, this is a wonderful way to while away the time ship-wrecked on a deserted island.
It does not have to involve actual speaking, which makes the task much easier.
However, body language is essential in such an endeavor. 
 tropical island marriage flowers
Hold a beach wedding
After you sand-write "yes" on the beach, you may wish to plan a beach wedding.
There are many advantages:
everyone invited will come,
the dress code is pretty casual,
and you don't need to rent a hall. 
tropical island beach wedding
Jump off a pier
Although it may seem obvious, but we just want to caution that you make sure there's an ocean under the pier.
We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. 
tropical island pier jumping
Power-walk on the beach
Get your blood flowing with much-needed exercise.
tropical island power walking
You may have heard of this activity before.
It is when people turn themselves into fish.
tropical island diving snorkeling
Build a pebble tower
Here's a great activity for when you're waiting for a rescue ship.
Find a good spot on a pebble beach.
Pick up a pebble and place it on a flat rock.
Pick up another pebble and place it on the previously-mentioned pebble.
Continue until rescue ship arrives.
tropical island rock tower building
And for those who intentionally let a few rescue ships pass by...
tropical island high rock tower
Sit on the beach looking away from passing rescue ships
Hey,  it's your prerogative.
tropical island sit with your legs crossed
Dance in a circle
Dancing is an awesome way to pass the time when ship-wrecked.
This family is dancing after they successfully managed to escape a rescue ship.
tropical island circle dancing
Make footsteps on the beach
Should be a Summer Olympics sport.
Take sandals off. 
Look back once in a while.
tropical island footsteps on the beach
...and for the footstep enthusiast.
tropical island more footsteps on the beach
Ride a bike
This activity requires the skill of balance. 
This is a wonderful way is getting around a deserted island.
tropical island bicycle
Climb a palm tree and take a selfie
Another activity that should be a Summer Olympics sports event.
tropical island tree climber
Stick branches between beach rocks
While walking around the island you will probably come across quite a few branches.
Put your construction skills to the test by building a wind-breaker fence.
tropical island sticks
Look up
Try this if looking down and sideways wears a little thin.
You'll be amazed at what you can see when you look up.
tropical island palm trees
Again, use natural local materials to build your very own swing.
It is highly recommended to say "weeee" on the forward-swinging action.
tropical island swing
A highly underrated activity.
Hone your virtue of patience by standing on the shore looking for a surf-worthy wave.
tropical island surfer
Cover yourself in beach sand
Some may see this activity is inevitable, but one surely can cover oneself intentionally with a nice coat of tropical talcum powder.
tropical island sand
Take a stroll at sunset
One of the most universal deserted island activities.
And one of the most awe-striking. 
tropical island sunset stroll
Do beach yoga
There are many streams of yoga.
Choose the one best-suited to your spirit.
tropical island beach yoga
Play shadow puppets 
A deserted island can be your very own playground.
Have fun with nature using only the palm of your hand.
tropical island sunset
Light a candle
Watch the glow of a candle just after the sun has set on the deserted island. An excellent way of winding down before getting a well-deserved sleep.
tropical island sunset candle
There are a lot of things you can do on a deserted island. 
Can you think of any more? Please share with us.

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